About Us


Outlaw Kitchen llc is based out of Humboldt County, California. We are a full service catering company and food truck, we can also be found at many local fairs and festivals. We specialize in organic, natural and local food. Give us a call today to plan your next event! 707 672-9838


Meet the Outlaw Kitchen Crew


Leni Heil leni@outlawkitchen.com

Leni Heil is a native of Humboldt County. She majored in Art and Political Science at Humboldt State and Southern Oregon Universities, but learned her true passion- cooking, in restaurants and her own kitchen.

Her background is in restaurants and retail management. She has been cooking and experimenting with food most of her life. She’s worked every aspect of the restaurant industry- from dishwasher to manager- including teaching cooking classes and selling kitchen equipment.

Before Outlaw Kitchen, Leni managed various Sur La Table stores in Portland, Oregon.  At Sur La Table she had the opportunity to work with some of the best cookbook authors and chefs in the Northwest. Her specialty is vegan fare.

She loves traveling and being active in the outdoors, especially snowboarding and wakeboarding. This year she is learning to river kayak and surf. On her days off she loves to go play with the amazing Outlaw crew and her sweet pit-bull Chloe. 


Kai Ferrara kai@outlawkitchen.com

Kai Ferrara- Life on intentional communities in remote mountains of Northern California taught Kai Ferrara organic farming, wilderness survival, ecological preservation, off–the-grid living, and a blooming connection to the natural world. He carries these values thru college in biology and environmental science, to grad school in business, and out into the world. Through this diversity of experience, Kai masters knowledge to understand the intricacies of the world, to create solutions, and to empower the community around him. Kai is involved in a wide variety of deep projects that focus on community, conservation, education, agriculture, real estate, and entertainment. For Kai, life is a fun opportunity, and the work of life should create positive change and enhance that fun. Matching that mindset with his love for music and dance, Kai joins the transformational soul-healing music festivals with an organic offering, Outlaw Kitchen. Additionally, he plays the plethora of decades of production roles and provides professional sound and light production at prominent events nationwide, as 12BC Pro. Kai is an optimist and an “imagine-ary”. He loves to joke around, but wears many hats, and applies himself to the world with sophisticated intentions. His desire to foster gatherings, connectedness, energy sharing, ideas, and working together combines with his mentality of “Let’s do it,” fusing into Enchanted Forest and Once Upon.


Bridget Meyer bridget@outlawkitchen.com

Bridget started working at Outlaw Kitchen in 2013 when she met Leni Heil and Kai Ferrara while working at Northern Nights Music Festival.  She immediately became a part of the Outlaw Family and has worked most local events and festivals since then. Not only will you find Bridget cooking in the kitchen and serving delicious food, but she also takes on the role of a Girl Friday in the office.

Bridget moved to Humboldt County in 2011 to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. She graduated in 2014 with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. She is currently attending the Holistic Massage Therapist program at The Loving Hands Institute of Healing Arts and will be a certified massage therapist as of April 2015!

“Here at Outlaw Kitchen we strive to serve our community with delicious, organic, local food while bringing a positive atmosphere to the work place. This job is the most fun I've ever had and I am so grateful to be a part of this family and community!” –Bridget Meyer


Ashley Corrigan ashley@outlawkitchen.com

Ashley Corrigan recently joined the Outlaw Kitchen family as our event booking agent. If you call or email about booking an eventyou will get to chat with her.